What are the special features of hanging flowers indoors ?

April 24, 2024

With its splendour and diversity, nature can transform any space into a place of serenity and beauty. One of the most remarkable ways of inviting this natural beauty into our interiors is through hanging flowers. An age-old practice, reinvented and adapted to our modern lifestyles, hanging flowers offer a host of aesthetic, emotional and physiological benefits. This guide explains the main features of hanging flowers indoors.

Where is the ideal place to place your hanging flowers?

In general, there's no single best place to install an indoor hanging pot in a house. You can click on https://bacsac.com/gb/fabric-pots/17-balcony-pots.html for more details on the characteristics of hanging baskets. These types of planter are suitable for any type of room, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

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However, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a plant, you can place it in strategic locations. For example, you can place a plant in the office to help you feel more calm. Or you could place it in the hallway so that you feel the positive vibes of flowers every time you come home.

Which plant should you choose for your hanging flowers?

The first tip for combining vegetation and decoration is to choose hanging or climbing plants. These are usually the most popular choice for tall indoor hanging baskets.

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Hanging plants

Hanging plants are designed to be placed in a hanging pot indoors. The nature of their leaves falls back and moulds perfectly to the shape of the pot, giving your plant an elegant look. Plants such as Ceropegia Woodii, Senecio Rowleyanus (pearl necklace), Dischidia Ruscifolia, Aeschynanthus and Helxine all have their own special characteristics. Whether it's the shape of their leaves (round, heart-shaped, small...) or their airy appearance, these plants bring a feeling of softness and calm to your space.

Climbing plants

Usually planted to hide a wall or garden wall, climbing plants can be easily integrated into an indoor hanging space. For example, plants like ivy have a wild side that can plunge your home into an excellent natural setting. One of the varieties of this plant is the variegated Hedera. These plants are ideal if you want to bring greenery into your home.

What are the benefits of hanging flowers indoors?

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, hanging baskets of flowers offer numerous benefits for our physical and mental well-being. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and eliminate toxins from the air. This improves indoor air quality and our respiratory health. Their presence in our indoor environment is associated with a reduction in stress, anxiety and blood pressure. This promotes a feeling of calm and well-being.

Floral arrangements also stimulate our creativity and inspiration. This helps us connect with the beauty and diversity of nature. And the bright colours and delicate scents of flowers have a positive effect on our mood. Which brings us joy and positive energy.

How do you hang your flower pots?

The main advantage of using a floral hanging in your home is ease of installation. You can choose hooks to hang directly from the ceiling or on your walls. Or you can use curtain rails, high shelves, furniture, etc. to hang your plants. Just make sure they're close to a source of light so they grow better.

In short, indoor floral hanging offers a wonderful opportunity to bring the beauty and vitality of nature into our living spaces. With this practice, we discover a fascinating world in which nature and design come together to create spaces that inspire.