Moving to Nice: why live there?

February 3, 2024

Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, with over 340,000 residents. The city has a knack for attracting both French and foreign visitors. Also known as Nissa la bella (Nice the beautiful) because of its hymn, the capital of the Côte d'Azur is brimming with many riches, making it one of France's most charming cities. Read on to find out why you should move to Nice.

A dynamic real estate market 

Nice offers a wide variety of accommodation, from seafront apartments to charming townhouses in historic districts. Because of its appeal, Nice's real estate market is constantly growing. Websites such as provide information on real estate availability in the city.

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Property prices in Nice vary according to a number of factors: location, surface area, condition and features. As a general rule, properties located close to the sea or in popular neighborhoods tend to be more expensive.

A pleasant climate

The climate of Nice is one of its most characteristic charms. Indeed, the city is a true paradise with over 300 sunny days per year.

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The climate is distinguished by its balance, with mild winters and warm but not overwhelming summers. In January, it is possible to enjoy outdoor meals on a terrace and swim in the sea in October. This seasonal variety allows for enjoying each month of the year in a pleasant setting.

Facilitated mobility

Living in Nice also means easily traveling abroad for a weekend or a few days off. The Azurean capital is located close to the Principality of Monaco as well as the cities of Villefranche, Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, and Beaulieu. If you wish to explore further, you can depart from Nice Airport, which offers direct connections to more than thirty different countries.

From Nice, it is possible to reach cities such as Rome in a 1h15 flight, Amsterdam in a 2h flight, Barcelona in a 1h30 flight, and Berlin in a 2h flight.

Growing economy

Nice offers more than just tourist attractions. In reality, it also stands out thanks to its dynamic economic activity that attracts interest from entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors from all walks of life. It also presents itself as a significant economic center in the region with a multitude of sectors such as health, tourism, technology, etc.

The city's prosperity is based on economic diversification. In fact, Nice offers a varied environment, from the Sophia Antipolis innovation park to a thriving tourist industry. The city's businesses also benefit from its advantageous location, making trade easier.

A well-developed transport network 

Nice offers a transportation network that efficiently meets the needs of its residents, thanks to the network managed by Ligne D'azur. The fleet of vehicles dedicated to transporting residents consists of several buses running on different routes and streetcars operating on three separate lines. Tramway lines 2 and 3 offer direct access to Nice international airport without having to take the road.